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Customized 3D software solutions

CAD/CAM made easy also for your products

Do 3D design and construction processes play an important role in your company? Wondering how to get started in the sophisticated world of CAD/CAM? Or perhaps you are wondering how to make time-consuming CAD/CAM processes more efficient?

For your specific requirements – whether in healthcare, medical technology or other industries – we develop customized and easy-to-use 3D software solutions. This enables you to successfully implement 3D design and construction processes without having to become a CAD/CAM expert yourself.

Customized 3D software solutions
Customized 3D CAD solutions

Customized 3D CAD solutions

We analyze your requirements and consult you on the definition of efficient 3D design processes. Together with you, a dedicated team of software experts will develop a customized 3D software solution.

Our solutions are characterized by a high degree of automation. The required user interaction is structured in a process-oriented manner and made accessible step-by-step via an intuitive user interface. Thus, routine procedures are established and errors will be avoided.

But that’s not all!

Our 3D software solutions go far beyond the functionality of conventional CAD/CAM systems: For example, product-specific design templates, in the form of 3D models, allow you to concentrate on the essentials when designing your products. We generate such design templates either from measurement data for individual products or via shape knowledge for ready-made assortments.

Offer individualized products with 3D CAM

Turn your customers into product designers. Because with our 3D software solutions tailored to your business, your products can be configured quickly and easily according to individual specifications and measurement data. Whether laptop, tablet or smartphone, with our “3D CAD/CAM as a Service” you increase customer satisfaction and reach new clients worldwide.

The manufacturing data for your individualized products is immediately available. Even custom-made products can be realized cost-effectively. Learn from your customers’ data and constantly adapt your product portfolio. This will give you a competitive edge. Embark on digital 3D CAD/CAM manufacturing and optimize your process chains with us.

Offer individualized products with 3D CAM

Scale your business with our 3D software solutions

Leading companies trust us and already work with our solutions. Harness the power of our 3D software solutions for your individualized products. Together we design new product ideas or optimize your offering.

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