Innovative 3D shape analysis

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3D shape analysis

Innovative solutions for manufacturing, retail, diagnostics and materials testing

The assessment of shapes plays a central role in manufacturing and material testing, retail, all the way to medical diagnostics. In this context, decisions have to be made, such as

  • Fitting or not?
  • Worn out or not?
  • Inside or outside the tolerance?
  • Healthy or diseased?
  • Normal?

With our 3D shape analysis, such questions are answered objectively – even for very complex shapes. In addition, with our 3D shape analysis, you gain new information about the range of shapes that occur. Our 3D shape analysis allows you to clearly and comprehensibly identify relationships among many shapes. This allows products to be tailored to target groups.

Discover new ways to add value. “One-size-fits-all” is a thing of the past – with our 3D shape analysis, you’ll simply make better products in the future.

3D shape analysis
3D shape analysis: comparing 3D shapes, evaluating differences

Comparing 3D shapes, evaluating differences

3D shapes consist not only of length, width and height, but have much more details. Our 3D shape comparison takes into account shapes with any level of detail. Variations are reliably and accurately evaluated everywhere on the shape.

The comparison with known tolerances allows conclusions to be drawn about fit, wear and manufacturing accuracy as well as normal state – based on the entire shape!

However, the tolerance ranges or normal situation are not always known. By comparing a large set of 3D shapes, our 3D shape analysis can determine the proper margins for this purpose.

Gaining insights from data

If your products need to cover a wide range of different shapes, then you’ve come to the right place. We support you in validating and optimally designing your product range for your target groups. Your requirements can be manifold. But when it comes to fit, we know no compromise.

From large amounts of data, we find the decisive pieces of information for you with our 3D shape analysis. Especially the distribution of occurring shapes – in all dimensions! Confection a new generation of products from the newly acquired knowledge. We support you in target group-oriented product design – even more so with our 3D software solutions.

3D shape analysis: gaining insights from data
3D shape analysis: turning insights into fitting product portfolios

Turning insights into fitting product portfolios

Our 3D shape analysis provides key indicators for the market coverage of your product spectrum as well as for optimal batch sizes in manufacturing. From the distributions of the shapes that occur, we identify groups of shapes that have small variations among them. The number and size of the groups provide clues for designing your product portfolio and potential product demand. But that’s not all! With our 3D shape analysis, we calculate the average shape for each group: The optimal confection shape of the group. The unique feature is that you cannot measure this. This is the new form of target group oriented product design!

Our 3D shape analysis - your competitive advantage

Whether it’s customized production or fabrication – our 3D shape analysis supports you in drawing reliable conclusions from data. With us you design and sell products that fit. You too can benefit from our 3D shape analysis:

  • Increase your market share through target group-oriented product portfolios and matching product support.
  • Gain more confidence with more accurate manufacturing, wear and quality inspection.
  • Save costs through digitization and reduced returns.
Our 3D shape analysis - your competitive advantage

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