3D models from measurement data

Tailored to your applications

3D models

Optimized for your applications and fields of use

3D models are indispensable in Industry 4.0 and in many other areas, including our everyday lives. They are used, for example, in healthcare, medical technology and in many other industries. 3D models serve as digital twins for

  • Communication
  • Planning and Simulation
  • Research, process and product development
  • Design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

We create 3D models from measurement data with high accuracy and quality, even for extremely complex shaped objects. But we don’t just create 3D models: We also optimize them for your requirements and areas of application.

3D models optimized for your applications and fields of use
3D models from measurement data

We are great in shape(s)

We process measurement data for three-dimensional objects of any kind. From optical, acoustic, tactile or tomographic measurements (CT or MRI), we generate high-quality, digital 3D models with our segmentation technology. Even if the measurement data contain errors or other disturbances or are too coarse or incomplete. Even the most complex shapes do not discourage us.

From many 3D models of comparable objects, we develop statistical 3D shape models with our 3D shape analysis technology. From this, we can then even calculate new shapes that are fundamentally not measurable. For example, an average shape, representative shapes for groups or extreme shape expressions.

3D models: More than just shape

With our 3D models, we meet all relevant aspects for further processing:

  • Computation or rendering performance
  • Smoothness, level of detail or abstraction
  • Simulation and manufacturing capability
  • Texture and material composition

We ensure the necessary properties of the 3D models for this purpose:

  • Geometric resolution and quality
  • Representation (surface, volume or multi-material composition)
  • Modularity (components, auxiliary structures).

In addition, we also provide additional spatially-varying information from the measurement data that is necessary for further processing, such as density or porosity.

3D models: More than just shape
3D models for your industry

3D models for your industry

Be it additive or conventional manufacturing: Our 3D models are optimized for production. We prepare the manufacturing data for you in such a way that further processing functions seamlessly. To do this, we find the best balance between accuracy and processing time, tailored to your application.

You need 3D models only on an individual basis? No problem. For example, you can send us your measurement data and we will subsequently provide you with a 3D model according to your specifications in standard file formats. For larger quantities and automated processes, we can also integrate our solutions directly into your processes or even develop a customized 3D software solution for you.

What do your 3D models need to accomplish?

We are happy to help you sort out the details. So that we can offer you the perfect 3D models for your tasks. Contact us – we will gladly explain the possibilities for your company and your industry without any obligations.

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