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3D models
Our service | 3D models

Highly accurate 3D models from your measurement data

3Dshape analysis
Our service | 3D shape analysis

Optimal configuration of your products via 3D shape analysis

3D software solutions
Our service | 3D software solutions

Customized 3D software solutions for your applications

Solutions for your industry

1000shapes provides data analysis, 3D modeling and visualization services, as well as customized 3D software solutions for a wide range of applications and industries with decades of experience and proven expertise in healthcare and medical technology. We’ll sure find optimal solutions for your industry.


Computer-aided diagnostics and model-based therapy planning – optimized for your workflow

Medical technology
Medical technology

Individualized 3D product design, automation and maximum efficiency – our 3D software solutions advance your business

Other industries

Digitization of demanding processes for 3D product design, manufacturing and quality control – a paradigm shift for your industry


Diagnostics and therapy planning in a new dimension – time for a change of perspective!

Our solutions smartly add missing 3D information to planar X-ray images and provide measurements and visualizations in 3D, yielding additional insight and decision support. Our services give you greater confidence and more safety in diagnostics, surgical planning, implant configuration, navigation, monitoring, and assessment.

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