Detailed manufacturing and wear control

Incoming and outgoing goods inspection for 3D products

Digital solutions for your industry

Digitization opens up new possibilities and simplifies complex tasks. We support you on this journey – by optimizing your metrology processes and converting your measurement data into 3D models. Using 3D shape analysis, we provide valuable insights into what lies behind the measurements. We develop and provide you with customized 3D software solutions that optimize your processes and render them more efficient. And this applies to all industries where 3D plays an important role.

Digital manufacturing and wear control

Learn continuously from the analyzed data collected from a gap-free, precise and automated quality inspection procedure, and consequently optimize your production processes.

Takes online shopping to a new level

We match your customers’ body shapes with the right products. Optimize your entire supply chain for all types of 3D products.

Create avatars faster and easier

Increase productivity and offer a new form of personalization in the entertainment industry.

What to do when the blueprint is missing?

Even for very complex shapes, we determine how missing or broken areas can be suitably bridged in detail and how object shapes can be completed.

You too can benefit from the possibilities of digital 3D solutions

Are 3D models, 3D measurement and 3D shape analysis a basis for your industry as well? Are you looking for a customized solution for your application? We are happy to advise you on this. We are sure to find a solution for your industry as well.

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