3D design of body replacement parts

We determine the correct shape

Selection and design of prostheses and orthoses

Through anatomically founded 3D shape templates

An essential prerequisite for optimal rehabilitation after accidents, in the case of malformations or degenerative changes is the transformation of a pathological form into a healthy one. But what does a healthy shape look like? We at 1000shapes provide anatomically-founded shape templates for this by means of our 3D shape analysis. Based on this, our customized 3D software solutions enable the selection and design of perfectly shaped prostheses or orthoses, as well as required manufacturing tools or installation aids. With us you improve functional and aesthetic aspects as well as safety, durability and comfort of your rehabilitative measures.

Selection and design of prostheses and orthoses

Anatomical nominal-actual comparison

Our anatomically-founded shape templates are based on statistical evaluations of large data collections. Wherever body parts need to be partially or completely replaced or their shape corrected, we determine the naturally shaped replacement part. Even target group-specific characteristics, such as gender, age and much more, can be taken into account.

The deviations between the pathological initial situation and the healthy target shape are precisely quantified and localized by our nominal-actual comparison of 3D shapes. As a result, the selection and design of prostheses and orthoses are no longer subject exclusively to a subjective decision-making or design process, but are realized reproducibly and efficiently with our 3D software solutions.

Selection and design of prostheses and orthoses for any defect

We support you in the selection of individually matching implants, splints, as well as auxiliary devices from your portfolio. If necessary, we can also help you expand or optimize your product portfolio, right through to the customization of components. Individual 3D fitting and design up to manufacturing processes are efficiently realized by our digital solutions. With our 3D software solutions tailored to your needs, you thus perfect the prosthetic and orthotic restoration.

Selection and design of prostheses and orthoses for any defect

Smart solutions for anatomical design specifications !

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