3D design of individual dental splints

From 3D bite measurements to the custom-fit splints

Digital processes for designing customized dental splints

The efficient CAD-3D solution for dental laboratories and dentists

Dental splints now offer a wide range of applications. Whether teeth grinding (bruxism), misaligned teeth, snoring or sleep apnea: In all cases, various types of dental splints can help. For example, occlusion splints, aligners or protrusion splints. However, to be effective, they must be optimally adapted to individual needs. Dental impressions or intraoral scans provide the data for this. Our 3D software solutions for designing individual dental splints generate custom-fit designs for dental splints from this data in the shortest possible time.

Digital processes for designing customized dental splints
Intuitive design of dental splints

Intuitive design

Regardless of whether plaster casts or intraoral scans are used, both reproduce the individual occlusal relief and the tooth shape in great detail. From this, we create highly accurate digital 3D models as the basis for the precisely fitting design of dental splints. Our intuitive CAD-3D software solution enables custom design with minimal interaction – simple and illustrative. Your specific requirements regarding the desired jaw and tooth position can be easily taken into account at any time. The dental splint can then be produced at the touch of a button.

Efficient manufacturing

Optimize the process of designing and manufacturing customized dental splints. By using our intuitive and efficient 3D software solutions, you save time and costs and simplify communication and collaboration between dental lab, dental practice and patient. Using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, individually designed dental splints can be created directly in the dental practice and their performance can be checked immediately. Improve your services and increase patient satisfaction with our 3D software solutions.

Efficient production of dental splints

Design of individual dental splints: Print, insert, fit!

Is the efficient design of individual dental splints by means of CAD-3D solutions also interesting for your dental laboratory or dental practice?

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