3D models for diagnostics and therapy planning

Get more information from your x-rays

Healthcare solutions

Digital solutions also offer new opportunities and possibilities for the healthcare sector.

Targeted and efficient preparation of the data available through medical imaging as 3D models enables optimal preparation for surgical interventions.

Our 3D shape analysis furthermore enables an informed prediction of customized implants and navigation aids.

Our 3D software solutions are tailored to your specific workflow. This yields more security for diagnostics and therapy planning and thus contributes to quality assurance for yourself and your patients. They support you in making demanding decisions in preparation of upcoming interventions.

Diagnostics and therapy planning in a new dimension

Get more information from your planar radiographs. Evaluate anatomical structures three-dimensionally without having to rely on computed tomography.

In vivo movement and deformation analysis

Thanks to our innovative solution for 3D reconstruction from X-ray images, the radiation exposure during fluoroscopy can be reduced in various ways.

For optimal functional rehabilitation

Our 3D planning solutions provide a sound basis for the correct selection and stable placement of suitable implants or pedicle screws.

Optimal preparation for surgery - better functional and aesthetic rehabilitation

With our intuitive 3D software solutions, you and your patients can be optimally prepared for surgical interventions and are sure to achieve better results.

For safe and stable implant restoration

Our 3D software solutions support you efficiently in your decision which implants should be placed and where. We will provide you with the information you need to successfully implement your plan.

Safe access routes to brain tumors

We support surgeons in mastering the complex challenges in healthcare. The use of our solutions simplifies and shortens the often lengthy and cost-intensive planning of the intervention.

Objectively assess individual breathing problems using 3D models

Using functional analysis of nasal breathing, problematic areas of the airways can be localized. Results can be illustrated for patient education and used to plan rhinosurgery.

You too can use the digital possibilities in healthcare

Our 3D solutions open up a wide range of potential for practice, education and research in all areas of healthcare. We would be happy to advise you on how you can benefit from these possibilities.

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