3D design of body replacement parts

We bring them into the right shape

Solutions for medical technology

Digital solutions are playing an increasingly central role in medical technology to meet future challenges, such as individualization, manufacturing, communication or logistics.

We support you in developing your product portfolio to meet the needs of your target groups – with our 3D models and 3D shape analysis.

We develop customized, highly efficient 3D software solutions for you, taking into account your individual planning and manufacturing specifications, and deploy them to you in a user-friendly way. Optimize your processes and expand your offering with digital 3D solutions from 1000shapes.

Extending and optimizing your product portfolio

With anatomically founded 3D design guidelines, you can improve the functional and aesthetic aspects as well as the safety, longevity or comfort of your rehabilitative measures.

Detailed design guidelines through Big Data

With our target group-oriented confectioning of implants, you develop a portfolio optimized to your requirements with a manageable range of products.

Innovative product design for surgical bone fixations

Our 3D software solutions allow easy selection, configuration or customization of accurately fitting osteosynthesis plates.

Managing the flood of data in radiology

Our solutions for image-based medical diagnostics safely automate tedious routine datascreening tasks.

The efficient CAD-3D solution for dental laboratories and dentists

With our 3D software solutions for designing individual dental splints, you can create custom-fit designs in the shortest possible time.

Bringing active ingredients to the right place

Design your range of nasal spray applicators with us so that you can offer the right solution for every nose.

Optimize the fit of your portfolio of medical devices

Thanks to our customized CAD/CAM software solutions, you too can benefit from the new possibilities of digitization. We are happy to advise you individually on this.

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