Personalization in the entertainment industry

Create characters faster and easier

3D character design

Make your customers the main characters in computer games and movies

Who has not always wanted to star in a movie or be a hero in a computer game? Turn the users of your computer games or movies into 3D avatars and send them on new and exciting adventures – without the need for acting classes. Personalized 3D avatars create a whole new gaming or movie experience. Our 3D models make it possible!

Become the protagonist in computer games and movies
3D character design reimagined

3D character design reimagined

Our 3D shape analysis allows you to create custom 3D characters easily and quickly. Whether realistic animations of movements, individual facial expressions or specific body proportions: our 3D software solutions allow the desired attributes to be adjusted intuitively and efficiently. Increase productivity and offer a new form of personalization in the entertainment industry.

Individualize characters in your productions efficiently

Increase digital character design efficiency with 3D statistical shape analysis. We are happy to support you.

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