Optimize your implant portfolio

A streamlined and tailored range of products

Confectioning of implants

Detailed design guidelines through Big Data

An optimal implant portfolio covers the entire needs of the required treatment spectrum. For example, joint replacements, breast and dental implants, or osteosyntheses. The range of offerings is wide: custom-made products fit perfectly, but are complex and expensive. One-size-fits-all is the cost-effective standard. But one implant does not fit all! In between lies the optimal portfolio – with an economical range of products and without unnecessary variety. Our target group-oriented implant customization provides detailed shape guidelines for your implant portfolio by means of 3D shape analysis.

Confectioning of implants

Confectioning through population analyses

In order to assemble implant portfolios sensibly, it is necessary to know the range of variations of the corresponding anatomical shapes. We perform a thorough population-based portfolio analysis for you. Using a representative number of detailed 3D models of anatomical structures, we use our 3D shape analysis to determine for you whether a portfolio extension or portfolio streamlining is required. We offer population-based product design between “one-size-fits-all” and individual customization. With us, you design your implant portfolio in the best possible way.

The optimal portfolio for every need

Offer your customers a range of reliable implant systems with expedient and demand-oriented configurations. The requirements for this are manifold. They include surgical requirements or preferences, treatment-specific functional aspects, population-specific anatomical diversity to manufacturing constraints. With us, you develop a product range optimized to your requirements with a manageable assortment width.

The optimal portfolio for every need

Rethinking the confectioning of implants!

Develop your optimal product portfolio with us. Make your implant proposition competitive and fit for the future.

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