Restore 3D shapes digitally

Thanks to innovative 3D shape analysis


What to do when the blueprint is missing?

Any item can break, whether due to wear and tear, decay, accident, or wanton alteration to the point of destruction. But what if you want or need to know what the object looked like before the change, but you no longer have a “blueprint” – or it never existed? There is no blueprint of very old art or cultural objects. This is precisely where our digital restoration solutions create entirely new opportunities for the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Restoration: What to do when the blueprint is missing?
Restoration of cultural assets

Restoration of cultural assets

We convert 3D objects, e.g. valuable art and cultural artefacts that have suffered damage, into digital 3D models. Thanks to our 3D shape analysis, detailed restorations can thus be carried out digitally. Even for very complex shapes, we determine how missing or fractured areas can be suitably bridged in detail. The components calculated in this way can then be quickly and easily restored using 3D printing or other manufacturing techniques.

Learn how to restore 3D objects according to objective criteria

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