Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022

Season’s greetings from 1000shapes!
At 1000shapes, we strongly believe in contributing to the improvement of healthcare with our 3D digital technologies. Together with you – our customers, partners or suppliers – we want to improve the quality of life of all the many people who need medical treatments.
We succeed in this especially thanks to excellently trained colleagues. In order to educate people to do what we and our society need today and in the future, stable and reliable framework conditions are indispensable. We at 1000shapes want to pass on a little bit of our luck to those who need help in order to be able to create perspectives for themselves and others.
Therefore the employees of 1000shapes have chosen a project this year, which we support with a donation of 2.500,00 EUR: Zeltschule e.V.
In the Lebanese-Syrian border area, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children live at subsistence level in makeshift tent cities, without access to education.
In Syria itself, several million internally displaced persons have been wandering through their own country like hunted men for years. For hundreds of thousands of children, this means a childhood of constant movement, no home, no security – and no education.
The generation that is supposed to rebuild their country after the war grows up illiterate, without prospects and as easy victims for extremist groups.
The non-profit association Zeltschule e.V. supports the children and their families to create together a safe and self-determined perspective for their future.
We at 1000shapes thank you for your trust and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!