Girls’ Day 27 April 2023

Girls’Day – Girls’ Future Day

We look back with pride on our successful Girls’Day – Girls’ Future Day. This year, our offering was one of more than 13,650 available, the most since the campaign began in 2001! Our eight girls were part of more than 124,000 schoolgirls who took part in Girls’Day – Mädchen-Zukunftstag this year. This made an important contribution to career orientation!

Which profession is the right one?
Girls’ Day is intended to help girls and boys find their way around the world of work and get a taste of different professions without prejudice. In our company, the schoolgirls are introduced to a special interface with medicine: 1000shapes is a company in which people from different scientific faculties such as computer science, bioinformatics, mathematics, and medicine work closely together to make a contribution to the medicine of tomorrow.

We want to inspire schoolgirls to consider non-typical female professions and show how they relate to everyday life. We also hope to inspire hidden career aspirations and perhaps set the course for a future working student!